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Access: Senior Transportation

Access: Senior Transportation

Need a ride to a doctor appointment?
Want to visit with friends or family?
Prefer not to to drive at night?

What is Access: Senior Transportation?
Access: Senior Transportation is intended for financially vulnerable Jewish individuals living in Rhode Island who are either 65 years of age and older or have an ADA-recognized disability. The service uses taxi vouchers that are available at a highly subsidized rate from the Jewish Alliance. The goal of the service is to increase mobility among individuals who are at risk of isolation due to the lack of accessible transportation options.

How can I get these taxi vouchers and how much do they cost?
Simply fill out the online registration form or download a printable version of the form, and someone from the Jewish Alliance will be in touch with you. Registration forms are available at the front desk at the Jewish Alliance. You can also receive a form via email or mail. The cost to purchase each booklet is $10.00; there are 10 vouchers in each booklet. A voucher booklet can be mailed to you or coordinated to be given to you in person. Assistance is available for those who are unable to afford to purchase a booklet.

How do I schedule rides?
You should plan to schedule rides with the taxi service at least one week before you need the ride. Exceptions can be made, though ride availability cannot be guaranteed. To schedule a ride, please call Sugar Daddy Taxi at 401.500.7201 or 401.868.0466.

Do I need to pay for the taxi ride?
The ride is covered up to the redemption value of the taxi vouchers you have. Tips and gas surcharges are covered in the taxi vouchers as well. No exchange of money should be made unless your ride exceeds the value of the taxi vouchers you have.

How many taxi rides can I use with these vouchers?
You may purchase one voucher booklet per month, as long as you have used the previous voucher booklet. The number of rides you can use depends upon the distance you need taxi service. Please refer to this chart as a reference:

If you need further assistance, contact Robyn Goldstein at 
401. 421.4111 ext. 182

Access: Senior Transportation is a Living on the Edge initiative